North Saskatchewan Division CEO to focus on his golf game

January 8, 2019

After 10 successful years with the Commissionaires, North Saskatchewan Division CEO Mike Cooper begins his retirement, today, catching up to his wife who retired last May.

Mike came to Commissionaires after an impressive 22-year career with the RCMP, and nine years with the Saskatchewan Provincial Government. He admits to knowing very little about Commissionaires and said as much when he faced the hiring panel tasked with hiring a new CEO of our North Saskatchewan Division.

Mike led the North Saskatchewan Division as it grew its annual revenue from $12 million to $21 million. He was integral in the modernization of the Division, implementing new policies, programs and benefits. He oversaw the introduction of new business lines including investigations, by-law enforcement and the creation of a monitoring centre. He worked hard at bringing in an experienced workforce. Mike’s teamwork focus and humour made the office a good place to work.

Thank you, Mike, for a decade of excellent service to Commissionaires. We wish you all the best in your well-deserved retirement and your pursuit of a lower golf handicap.

Mike Cooper