Welcome to the team, Geoff!

November 18, 2019

Geoff McTigue is one of the newest members to join our National Office (CNO) team. He started in August following a 40-year career with the Royal Canadian Navy. He was posted in Halifax, Esquimalt, Ottawa, Kingston, Mill Cove (NS) and most recently, with NATO in Belgium. He served in a wide range of operational and staff positions which culminated earlier this year in Mons, Belgium as Canadian Forces Europe’s formation Chief Warrant Officer.

We asked Geoff what drew him to Commissionaires. “Two things. I wanted to belong to an organization with objectives that enable me to give back to the wider veteran community, and I know the Chief of Staff very well, having worked for him previously, and therefore knew that the office environment would be welcoming and productive!”

He also offered that “Commissionaires have been part of my life for over 40 years. I know many of them very well and have always thought highly of the organization. I heard about the position through the Chief of Staff.”

Geoff is the Veteran Engagement and Recruiting Officer, an important role given our social mandate to employ veterans. “CNO plays a coordinating and corporate secretarial role to support the Commissionaires federation, not unlike the Vice Chief of the Defence Staff’s (VCDS) role in supporting the wider Canadian Forces. Having been the former VCDS Command CWO, I’m very familiar with supporting and helping to coordinate a widely dispersed and very diverse organization.”

Having just transitioned from a military to civilian workforce, Geoff offers a few pieces of advice for all who are or will be going through the process:

1. Prepare well in advance of retirement;

2. Acknowledge that your identity is not merely the uniform that you wear or the job that you have;

3. Be very (very) patient with Veteran Affairs Canada and the pension office; and

3. Give yourself time and space to adjust to the changes that will occur in your work environment, pace and life.

Welcome to the team, Geoff!