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Beyond Service: Bruce Riopelle (Ottawa)

May 14, 2018
Bruce Riopelle has been a commissionaire with the Ottawa Division for 23 years, nearly matching his 24 years served in the military. Though he had earned a Canadian Forces Decoration medal and a rosette, colleagues noticed his decorations didn’t match his service history; he was missing a second

Commemorating the Battle of Atlantic, 6 May 2018

May 07, 2018
The Battle of the Atlantic service is held annually on the first Sunday of May. It remembers the sacrifices of the brave men and women of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), and Canadian Merchant Navy whose lives were lost during the Battle of the Atlantic, as well as all

Beyond Service: Gerry Blais (Ottawa)

May 04, 2018
After 36 years with the military, seven ribbons, and three rosettes, joining Commissionaires was natural for Gerry Blais. In fact, he credits his career in the military as being the reason he joined the Federation. Gerry, who joined our Ottawa Division in 2016, stressed two things when he spoke with

Spring awards season is upon us!

May 04, 2018
Annual recognition of exceptional and long serving employees is important for every organization. It’s crucial to recognize individual efforts and commitment to the organization. Most importantly, annual awards ceremonies and banquets give employees a much needed opportunity to get together and

Imagine being beaten by someone for doing your job

May 03, 2018
Security work is not as simple as many people would have you believe. Our uniformed commissionaires must be alert, constantly assess situations for potential issues, position themselves accordingly, and respond as necessary. While most people respect and appreciate the services we deliver (guarding

Beyond Service: Dianne Higgins (Ottawa)

April 27, 2018
“Don’t stop looking for something to do, because life is just beginning, post military.” Dianne was first in the military for three years as a field medic in the mid-70s. She joined the Air Force as a clerk, and then remained with the CAF for over 20 years. Dianne had the opportunity to work

Beyond Service: Devon Riley (Ottawa)

April 16, 2018
When he found himself seeking inspiration to get his life on track, Devon Riley turned to the Canadian Armed Forces. He signed up to be a reservist, and is experiencing “the best of both worlds.” He enjoys the flexibility of having a full-time job as a commissionaire, and still do his part as a