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Quebec communities lean on Commissionaires expertise

January 11, 2018
Our social mandate to hire veterans of the CAF, RCMP and police forces across the country means most of our federation’s leaders are veterans. As a result, we are often contacted by the media to provide insight on security-related issues in our communities. Claude Vigneault, the newly appointed Vice

Commissionaires lend a hand to communities across Canada

December 14, 2017
With the kickoff to the holidays just days away, it’s common for our focus to be on gift-giving, and at times missing the spirit of the season: the greatest gift of all is giving of oneself and one’s time. In that spirit, we’re shining the spotlight on some commissionaires across the country who do

Protecting yourself, loved ones and your stuff this holiday season

December 12, 2017
The Home Alone movie series, we’ve all seen it, many of us love it. Although outrageous and comedic, it shines a light on a very serious concern many of us have over the holidays – home security. While some of us have the, umm… luxury, of our entire family living in close proximity, for others, the

Art Bannagan receives the Commissionaires Distinguished Service Medal

December 08, 2017
Art Bannagan joined the Commissionaires in July 2009 and was assigned to work at the G8 Summit sites in Barrie, Ontario. It quickly became evident that Art was a meticulous, well-organized problem solver who was willing to fill any role requested of him. Art was appointed second-in-command at the

Cold weather tips to keep you safe and cozy, all winter long

December 04, 2017
December is full of surprises. It's a month filled with holiday treats, presents and Mother Nature’s favourite cat-and-mouse game, the ongoing “will-it-or-wont-it” regarding snow settling on the ground for the season. This looming threat of winter divides Canadians-- the Winter-folk and the Summer

T’is the season for awards and recognition

November 29, 2017
We’re pleased to share that BGen (ret’d) Cliff Walker, CD, past chairman of South Saskatchewan Division, was awarded the Saskatchewan Order of Merit-- a prestigious recognition of excellence, achievement and contributions to the social, cultural and economic well-being of the province and its

Episode 12: Career and community go hand-in-hand. Meet Clara Yagos.

November 28, 2017
For episode 12, we spoke with Clara Yagos, a Southern Alberta commissionaire who embodies a well-rounded lifestyle. Her extra-curricular involvement began rather naturally, and wound up having a snowball effect on her life. Now a retired educator and seven-years a commissionaire, she has quite the

A full house at Hamilton Division's Annual Awards Dinner

November 27, 2017
Hamilton Division held its annual awards dinner on November 16. Eleven members were awarded Long Service Medals, three earned their first Long Service bar, and two earned their third Long Service bar. The final award of the night was the National Chair’s Commendation, the highest honour within the

Episode 11: Remembrance Day in Northern Alberta

November 22, 2017
The days get shorter. The leaves begin to fall. You begin to spot red poppies on the lapels of Canadians. You know Remembrance Day is on the horizon. Every year, ceremonies of remembrance are held across the country, each packed with emotion and patriotism. The Northern Alberta Division of