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Commissionaires offers a comprehensive suite of security services to protect you, your business, employees, contractors and site visitors from harm. Our security professionals can operate within your existing security framework, or conduct a comprehensive security consultation to design and implement your security systems and strategies including alarm and surveillance technology.

Security services include

  • Site inspection
  • Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) and recommendations
  • Security guards
  • Alarm response
  • Mobile patrols
  • Traffic control
  • Gatehouse security
  • High visibility deterrents (uniformed guards, signage)
  • Visitor safety protocol enforcement
  • Emergency first aid
  • Loss prevention protocol enforcement
  • Fire watch 24/7
  • Access and perimeter control - indoor and outdoor
  • Monitoring - on-site and remote 24/7
  • Employee background checks
  • Support management 24/7

Many Commissionaires are veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces and the RCMP, with established leadership, skills and expertise. Mandatory, ongoing training ensures you receive the highest level of security services from our professionals.

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