Leadership by Design 1 (LBD1)

Leadership by Design course examines the Lead Hand or Foreman’s role in the management of field employees. The course is adaptable to any type of business, concentrating on the new leader or leader-to-be. At the conclusion of the course, leaders will have been introduced to key skills that would be available to them from their own toolbox.

Course topics:

  • An introduction to the field leader’s role including the change in focus from nothing but technical issues to adding the administering of paperwork and managing the productivity of others. 
  • Understanding the field leader’s and subordinates’ contribution to the organization.
  • Facing and handling the challenges of productivity and on-going problem solving.
  • Motivation of employees through example, mentoring and counselling.

The primary elements of a leader’s job (Planning broken out as an example):

  • Planning
  • Identifying tasks required to achieve goals
  • Assigning priorities
  • Assessing budgetary requirements
  • Assessing resources – human and material needs
  • Assigning timelines & creating a work-back schedule
  • Organizing, Monitoring, Leading, Staffing
  • The skills necessary to successful leadership:
  • Effective communication
  • Conflict management and dispute resolution
  • Coaching/teaching/training
  • Evaluating

The course is designed as a four-hour class room element followed by ‘Tool-box’ talks which, in small groups, are scheduled as production needs allow. The tool-box talks will re-affirm and expand on the material presented in the classroom session. Tool-box topics are suggested by classroom participants and usually include best practices such as Communication and the obstacles to communication; Report writing; Performance management; Motivation and planning.

Course duration: two 3-hour sessions

Course fee: $300.00 CAD

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