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Commissionaires Hamilton is seeking a regular Part-time candidate for weekdays at multiple sites in downtown Kitchener/Waterloo Region. The successful candidate will be trained at numerous locations as a site spare.

Generic Responsibilities and Duties

The following identifies the standard expected duties of a Commissionaire of the Hamilton Division. These duties and responsibilities may vary in degree based on posting, but all tasks can be expected of all Commissionaires at any time.

  • Interaction with the public – Conversations and interaction with the public may be stressful and confrontational and a Commissionaire must be able to deal with these confrontations in a polite, courteous and professional manner.
  • Log Reporting – A Commissionaire must be able to describe activities occurring at their post in a concise and accurate, report. The Commissionaire is required to maintain and update an accurate log of activities.
  • Patrols – A Commissionaire must be capable of conducting patrols of their site, as required by the client, in order to ensure that the site remains secure. These patrols may be outdoors and can involve all types of weather conditions.
  • Physical Tasks – A Commissionaire should be expected to be able to perform basic manual labour. This may involve removing a fire hazard from a site, or moving light to medium weight (5-30 lbs.) material as required by a client.
  • Operation of electronic equipment – Commissionaires may be required to use and operate radios, telephones, computers or other advanced electronic equipment. A Commissionaire must be competent in the use of this equipment in order to perform their duties at some sites.
  • Observation – A Commissionaire must have a keen sense of observation. At times, a Commissionaire will be required to recall or identify unusual activity at their post. Their powers of observation will be instrumental in ensuring proper recall and reporting.

Essential Employment Requirements

  • Valid Ontario Provincial Security Guard license
  • Minimum First Aid Certification: Emergency First Aid and CPR Level ‘C’

Preferred Employment Skills

  • College diploma in Police Foundations, Law and Security, or equivalent is preferred
  • Excellent communication skills – oral and written
  • Excellent report-writing skills
  • Superior customer service orientation
  • Ability to assess and evaluate situations
  • Ability to build positive relationships with fellow employees and client staff
  • Strong problem solving skills
Job Number
Hours of Work
Assigned work hours will be Mon-Fri between 1000-1400 daily.
$15.25 - $19.13
Extra Information

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, all personnel working at Commissionaires sites will be issued masks and gloves for wear at their worksite. 

As well, full sanitation and cleaning equipment is provided to all workstations to minimize the risk to Commissionaires.

All job applicants must be residents of Canada.

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