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Gain peace of mind knowing that a trusted, bonded, Commissionaire will regularly check on senior individuals.

Keeping Seniors Safe and Independent

ElderWatch service provides for the security of the elderly who may not leave their homes often and/or seldom have contact with the outside.

According to the latest census statistics, a growing number of Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans are age 65 or older. Improved living standards, better healthcare, greater awareness of the importance of a healthy diet and taking regular exercise have led to more and more people enjoying life into their 80s and 90s. However older people, in particular the frail elderly, are one of the groups of our population most vulnerable to accidents, particularly in and around the home. Many adults over the age of 65 fall every year, leading to lengthy hospitalizations, permanent disabilities, and even death. Falls in the elderly are responsible for traumatic brain injuries as well as fractures of the hip, spine, and pelvis, severely limiting mobility, capabilities, range of motion and quality of life.

ElderWatch is a program that inspires community, along with fortifying public safety. Commissionaires-Newfoundland and Labrador Division conceived of the idea to create the ElderWatch program after observing the increasing population of seniors within the community and the equally increasing need for assistance that this group was requiring. In many cases, these elderly residents are homebound and often have little contact with the outside world. ElderWatch is needed to institute some sort of preventative measure to alleviate as many tragic incidents as possible.

Based on a “neighbour helping neighbour” concept, Elder Watch uses trained and bonded Security Officers, who are security cleared by the Government of Canada, to keep in regular contact with elderly residents. For a low visitation fee per visit (please contact), a regularly assigned Commissionaire will visit the home and stay for approximately fifteen minutes to talk, socialize and check up on residents. We recommend perhaps two to three visits per week or more. If you are an elder and would like to take advantage of this program please contact our office. If you have an elderly parent living at home, ElderWatch is an ideal program to give you the comfort of mind to know that your parent is receiving a regular, scheduled visit from a bonded and trusted security officer.

The ElderWatch program serves as an extension to Neighbourhood Watch programs. This is particularly important in areas where illegal activity has been identified in the community, such as the presence of houses out of which illegal drugs are suspected of being sold or where other criminal activities occur.

Commissionaires’ ElderWatch service:

  • Bonded, security-cleared personnel
  • Regular visits from regularly assigned Commissionaire
  • Meaningful companionship
  • Home checkup – plumbing, heating, locks
  • Reports provided on request
  • Compassionate, reliable visits

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