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Don’t take risks with your home or property when you’re away. Whether it’s for a few days or you’re a snowbird gone for several months, Commissionaires will ensure your residence is secure in your absence.

A Vacant Home Can Leave You Uninsured

Standard home insurance may not cover damage incurred while a house is vacant, unless it is regularly inspected (typically every three days) and documented. Commissionaires’ HomeWatch service provides you with scheduled, customized checks specific to your needs.

New homeowners may appreciate HomeWatch services while their home is under construction to check progress, contractor presence, etc. Commissionaires will check your home and report to you as frequently as you require.

Based on a “neighbour helping neighbour” concept, HomeWatch uses trained and bonded Security Officers, who are security cleared by the Government of Canada, to visit your home while you are away. For a visitation fee of only $30.00 per visit, a regularly assigned Commissionaire will visit your home and stay for approximately fifteen minutes to ensure there are no signs of intrusions or accidents and to report to you and to authorities should such evidence exist. Our Commissionaires can check all sides of your house for evidence of damage or a suspected burglary.

We can watch for the person “taking a short-cut” through your backyard who may have broken into your neighbour’s home.

Write down licence numbers and descriptions of strange vehicles parked at your house or neighbour’s house.

We can write down descriptions of suspicious persons or activities, note vehicles passing by numerous times, suspiciously parked or constantly travelling by.

We can write down descriptions of suspicious persons and get the make, model, colour and licence numbers of strange vehicles in the vicinity We can report to you and to other authorities such as police, fire department of insurance companies.

Commissionaires will watch your home and can perform the additional checks with customization:

  • Vary lighting and drapes; collect mail, flyers and newspapers
  • Inspect and ensure all systems are operational (heating and cooling; hydro; water and pipes)
  • Check for damages (broken windows; blocked drains)
  • Customize a home check schedule for you, depending on insurance requirements
  • Provide reports and/or photos when and how you want them
  • Work with your alarm monitoring company

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