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Commissionaires delivers an array of investigation services for small-to-large companies and government clients across Atlantic Canada. Our skilled, independent investigators ensure your incidents are investigated promptly and confidentially. Let us help you reach informed conclusions in a cost-effective, professional manner.


Commissionaires investigators have extensive training and background in domestic and international policing, as well as public and private sector investigations. As former police officers, they have expertise in interview techniques, case management, statement analysis, preparation of reports, and evidence management.


  • Theft, pilferage
  • Workplace violence and harassment (including sexual harassment)
  • Substance abuse
  • Employee misconduct
  • Fraud
  • IT misuse
  • Sabotage and espionage
  • Security breaches (i.e. security vulnerability testing and undercover operations)


Do you suspect wrongful, improper or unlawful conduct? Has your organization, or individuals within your organization, been presented with an allegation or suspicion of wrongdoing? Sometimes it is best to refer an incident to an independent investigator for several reasons:

Sensitive Situations
  • Hiring Commissionaires ensures impartiality. It provides you the option of dealing with the problem internally, reducing the impact on your business and people, also avoiding unnecessary publicity that a police-led investigation may create.
  • Hiring an external investigator shows you’re taking a complaint seriously. This can avoid negative impacts on internal relationships and eradicates biases.
  • Organizations may prefer not to involve police as to avoid charges being laid.
  • Investigation duties often land in Human Resources departments. It is important that investigations are conducted properly, the first time, by someone who has experience in interviewing witnesses and writing concise reports through a legal lens. Internal resources may not have the experience or training to carry out certain types of investigations.
Time and Resources
  • Smaller organizations may not have the internal resources or capacity to perform an investigation in a timely manner. Having Commissionaires investigate an incident can reduce losses and help get your operations back to normal quickly.

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