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SERVICE ADVANTAGE for Customer Service Excellence

Improve the way your people provide customer service Our SERVICE ADVANTAGE training goes beyond the basics of friendly service to meet the challenge of delivering exceptional long-term attention to client and customer needs that goes the extra mile and exceeds expectations. This unique course to

Service Advantage for Customer Service

This one-day course helps businesses improve the way their people provide service to clients and customers by examining the fundamentals of delivering long-term customer service effectively and with sincerity. Course duration 8 Hours. Course locations Click link to view map location of

Security’s Role in Preparation & Response: Active Shooter

In this 2-hour course the students are shown the role that they play in making their place of employment safer. What to watch for, how people act and what to do when situations develop in their worksite. The principles of “Run, Hide, Fight” are introduced to participants should the case of an active

Stay Safe: Non Violent Strategies for Managing Crisis Situations

This 3.5-hour course provides effective techniques for employees to use to help recognize signals of potential crisis situations using proactive and de-escalation tools designed to avoid a crisis situation. Students will learn to assess a situation by observing signals and behaviours and even learn

Dealing With Difficult People

This 3.5-hour course is the second phase of a solid customer service program giving the participant the opportunity to learn the skills required for dealing with difficult people whether they are customers, peers or employees. We introduce strategies for meeting the struggle that occurs when people

Security & Customer Service

This 4-hour course deals with turning all customer interactions into positive customer relationships. Our focus starts with ensuring all students fully understand that today’s customer has unlimited choices and are continuously looking for a customer experience that goes beyond a simple smile. In