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Drug Awareness: Fentanyl, Meth and Opioids

In this 4 hour program you will cover the common street drugs including meth, Fentanyl and opioids. As well as drug interactions with over the counter drugs. We give you the tools to recognize the signs and symptoms of a potential drug overdose and also provide knowledge of what to do in the event

Loss Prevention

This 3.5 hour course teaches the fundamentals in Loss Prevention. The training will provide you with insight in being both proactive and how to react in a loss situation, which may involve theft with regards to both customers or from staff. Course Topics Retail Loss Types of Shoplifters Legalities

Wanding, Physical and Bag Searches

In this 1-hour course students are taught how to make their place of work safer by performing the tasks of wanding and physical searches. Participants will learn how to properly “wand” and do physical searches of both people and physical assets in a safe and professional manner while still

Baton Training

In this 8-hour course, students will learn how to approach a suspect and effectively use the ASP baton in a safe and professional manner. Within this course, a practical component will teach effective strikes, jabs and blocks. PLEASE NOTE: A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of

Handcuffing Techniques

In this 8-hour course, the student will be introduced to the protocols of using handcuffs and restraints. A practical component will include preparation of the handcuffs, positions of safety, applications and care of the equipment. Upon successful completion the student will understand the legal and

Use of Force - Level I

This 8-hour course educates the student in the National Use of Force Framework to identify situations that develop where force may be necessary to ensure their own safety, or the safety of others. The primary goal of this course is to teach the student how to control the actions of an aggressive