Tips to Keep Your Business Safe

Security for your business is important because it builds trust with customers, keeps your assets safe, your employees safe, and can often be a competitive advantage in your market. There are many great tools and companies available to help support the safety of your business.  Commissionaires is the largest private sector employer of veterans and … Read more ›

Business Security – Creating Your Security Plan

The process of creating a security plan can help you alleviate stress. Your business is better protected when there is a clear plan that is effectively communicated to all employees. Below we will outline some of the areas in your business that should be a priority in your security plan and what should be included … Read more ›

Making a lasting impact 

Let us Introduce you to a remarkable professional on the CGL team. Rosanna Williams is an extraordinary individual who embodies an exceptional work ethic and dedication to her role as a supervisor.  Rosanna is a invaluable team member and has been for the last eight years, demonstrating dedication and determination. Her journey with the company … Read more ›

A Powerful Evocation: The Act of Remembrance

Each year for Remembrance Day, Commissionaires develops a creative piece to honour the memory of those who died in service to Canada, and thank those who served and continue to serve. This year’s concept highlights the Canadian War Museum’s Memorial Hall, where a single artifact stands as a symbol of sacrifice and remembrance — the … Read more ›