Six Students Receive Educational Awards from Commissionaires

Each student (either a commissionaire or their family member) was awarded an academic scholarship of up to $2,000 from Commissionaires Nova Scotia (CNS)

Former RCMP Chief Superintendent Becomes CNS Board Chair

Tom Bennett takes the reins after two years as Vice Chair and 16 years as a Board member Tom Bennett is the new Chair of the 16-member Board of Governors…

International Security Consultant and Former RCMP Inspector Named CEO of Commissionaires Nova Scotia

Barry Pitcher worked alongside Commissionaires employees for many years before becoming the not-for-profit security provider’s new Chief Executive Officer

The Dieppe Raid, 80 years later

A ceremony honouring the 582 members of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry who took part in the Raid of Dieppe in France eighty years ago was held today at Dieppe…

Commissionaires meets you wherever you are, with training and flexibility to help you lead a successful career at any stage of life

Commissionaires Nova Scotia isn’t everyone’s first choice place of employment. Such was the case for Bill Gould, but he still chose the company – twice. Cmre William ‘Bill’ Gould thought…

A Special Commissionaires Baton arrives in St. John’s, Newfoundland for Country-wide Tour

In preparation for the 2025 Centennial Commemoration, Commissionaires launches Baton and Flag Tour 

National Apology is a Starting Point to Address Structural Racism, says Apology Advisor and CNS Board Governor Doug Ruck

A member of the committee that helped advise the federal government on its apology to Canada’s first and only segregated military unit says the apology doesn’t right wrongs from the…

Marla Morrell has held many titles, but never one that fit her as well as ‘commissionaire’

The reservist and former retail worker says she’s found her calling as a commissionaire, and believes others would enjoy the career just as much. Marla Morrell knows customer service like…

Monique Goffinet Miller is Appointed CEO of Commissionaires South Saskatchewan Division 

Goffinet Miller Makes History as the First Woman to be Named CEO of a Commissionaires Division across Canada