A Powerful Evocation: The Act of Remembrance

Each year for Remembrance Day, Commissionaires develops a creative piece to honour the memory of those who died in service to Canada, and thank those who served and continue to serve. This year’s concept highlights the Canadian War Museum’s Memorial Hall, where a single artifact stands as a symbol of sacrifice and remembrance — the … Read more ›

In the key of G

Meet Graeme Wallace, a familiar face from our posters and social media posts. Many of you may have even experienced his work ethic while working alongside him in the field. Graeme’s strong work ethic can be attributed to the values instilled in him by his parents. These values have guided him throughout his numerous journeys. … Read more ›

Commissionaires NS Working With Law Enforcement To Combat Human Trafficking

Commissionaires Nova Scotia (“Commissionaires”), the province’s premier provider of security and background screening services, is taking a role in the fight against human trafficking. The not-for-profit organization plans to train its more than 1,300 employees to recognize the signs of human trafficking and help stamp out the crime in communities it serves. The initiative will … Read more ›

HR: Humbly Ravneet

Ravneet Toor is a remarkable woman from the bustling city of Mississauga. She is young, ambitious, knowledgeable, and passionate about making a difference. She holds a degree in psychology from Laurier University and further honed her skills by pursuing a post-grad certificate in Human Resources Management at York University after Covid hit. In high school, … Read more ›

Dawn to Earth

Dawn Manderson, who hails from Brampton, has always been well-versed in hard work. Her childhood days were spent on her family’s dairy farm where she had many responsibilities. However, the farm was eventually sold. Dawn reflects, “It’s mind-boggling to think that all my childhood memories are now buried under a Canadian Tire distribution centre.” In due … Read more ›