A full house at Hamilton Division’s Annual Awards Dinner

Hamilton Division held its annual awards dinner on November 16. Eleven members were awarded Long Service Medals, three earned their first Long Service bar, and two earned their third Long Service bar. The final award of the night was the National Chair’s Commendation, the highest honour within the Federation, which was awarded to Gregory Noakes. Gregory’s life-saving actions that earned him this honour were featured on our blog earlier this year.

Congratulations to all of Hamilton Division’s 2017 recipients.

Long Service Medal Recipients:

  • Major Joseph Petozzi OStJ, CD
  • Sergeant Heather Brady, CD
  • Commissionaire James Curry
  • Commissionaire Ann Dawson
  • Commissionaire Ranjit Gill
  • Commissionaire Thomas Hacking, CD
  • Commissionaire Ivan Hawerchuk
  • Commissionaire Bruce Jeffrey, CD
  • Commissionaire Robert Perdok, CD
  • Commissionaire Nigel Purvis
  • Commissionaire John Young

1st bar to the Long Service Medal:

  • Master Warrant Officer Ken Brady SBStJ, CD
  • Commissionaire Deborah Johnston
  • Commissionaire Robert Westbrook

3rd bar to the Long Service Medal:

  • Colonel James Forsyth CStJ, CD,CA
  • Ms. Patricia Bachor

National Chair’s Commendation:

  • Commissionaire Gregory Noakes