Beyond Service: Fred Babineau (Halifax)

“I was what they called an Army brat – because my dad was military – so I guess I was following in his footsteps.”

Becoming a member of the CAF was almost a rite of passage for Fred Babineau. He served with all three elements—four years with the Army, 26 years with the RCAF, and six years with the RCN. He was deployed during the Gulf War, and spent time in Alert, Resolute Bay, Gulf Port Mississippi, RV 87 – Wainwright Alberta as a Fire fighter, and NATO.

For Fred, joining Commissionaires was about more than getting a job. “I wanted to prove to myself and my family that I could get back into the work force living with PTSD, and also live as close to a normal life [as possible], again,” he told us.

Prove to himself he did.

Fred joined Commissionaires back in 2010, and finds the most significant part of being a commissionaire is being able to use and share the skills and knowledge he acquired over his military career on a regular basis.

Fred is an outstanding commissionaire. In his eight years with the federation, Fred has earned four CEO Commendation Awards, a National Chair's Commendation, and a Commendation from the City of Halifax.

In 2016, Nova Scotia Division negotiated with Fred’s posting to allow his service dog, Thunder, to work alongside him. When asked how Thunder took to the work routine he said, “he settled in very quickly with our work schedule, and he enjoys getting up and going to work with me.”

Thank you for your years of service, Fred. In both the CAF and for all the amazing things you’ve done as a commissionaire. You truly embody the meaning of Beyond Service.

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