CGL Women’s Contingent wins The Lt (N/S) Kay Christie ARRC Memorial Trophy

The 100th Anniversary Warriors’ Day Parade, honouring our veterans and members of the Canadian Armed Forces, was held on August 20 on the grounds of the CNE in Toronto. On October 15th, the Commissionaires Great Lakes Women’s Contingent received the Lt (N/S) Kay Christie ARRC Memorial Trophy for its performance at the Warriors’ Day Parade during the parade council’s Annual Awards Banquet.

Lt (N/S) Christie served with the Canadian Armed Forces in Hong Kong in 1941. The soldiers who fought in Hong Kong were the first Canadians to see combat in the Second World War and the last to return home. Three weeks after Lt (N/S) Christie’s arrival, the hospital where she was stationed was bombed by the enemy air force. Hong Kong surrendered on Christmas Day 1941 and the following day all persons in the hospital became prisoners of war. They were confined to the building though allowed to continue hospital operations. Praised for sticking to her post during the invasion, Christie treated wounded soldiers during the fierce eight-day battle and looked after her fellow Canadian POWs until her release in 1943. She was awarded the Associate Royal Red Cross medal for her distinguished service.

The Lt (N/S) Kay Christie ARRC Memorial Trophy was donated by Mr. Bill Bryden, President of the Canadian National Exhibition Association and was presented for the first time in September 1996 by Ms. Mollie Christie, sister of the late Lt. (N/S) Christie.