Cold weather tips to keep you safe and cozy, all winter long

December is full of surprises. It’s a month filled with holiday treats, presents and Mother Nature’s favourite cat-and-mouse game, the ongoing “will-it-or-wont-it” regarding snow settling on the ground for the season.

This looming threat of winter divides Canadians– the Winter-folk and the Summer-folk. Personally, I’m allergic to cold weather, and had the unfortunate-fortune of being born into this great country. Although I am extremely grateful to be Canadian, I could do without the -30 Celsius weather.

Whether or you like it or not, winter is coming—and in some parts of the country it has arrived. We’ve compiled a list of five safety tips to ensure you reach spring in-tact.



I recall a time in my youth where I would battle my parents
against wearing appropriate winter attire because it wasn’t
“cool.” If it were between snow boots or sneakers, sneakers
would win, every time. But one thing is for certain, frostbite
is certainly not cool. Layer up, and take care of those extremities.

Not sure how? Call your mother; she’s bound to have some

Plan extra time for your commute

Everyone knows that people seem to forget how to drive
immediately upon the first snow fall. Be sure to plan extra
time for your morning commute and brush up on your
provincial winter driving legislation. Most importantly,
brush off your car! The roads are hazardous enough with
the ice and slush under your tires, don’t make matters
worse by leaving an opportunity for ice to fly off of your
vehicle and on to the unsuspecting windshield
of someone else.

Put ample salt or sand on walk ways!

Whether at home or at the office, ensure that all walk ways
are thoroughly salted or sanded to allow for better traction
as people walk through. If you’re unable to do so, consider
purchasing grips for your outdoor shoes as a preventative

Know your strength

Be mindful of your body. Do you have chronic injuries that
could be made worse by a slip or lifting too heavy? Consider
hiring a local snow plow service for your snow removal, or
purchase a personal snow plow to relieve some of the heavy
lifting. Better yet, do you have strong, healthy teenagers?
Introduce them to “Armstrong power,”
(then treat them with some hot chocolate for their troubles).

Check the weather, every night

Keep an eye on your local weather service and plan for
the day ahead. Perhaps you need to warn your children
to dress extra warm, or wake up earlier to shovel your
driveway due to a huge snowfall. Stay ahead of the game
so to avoid a domino effect of safety hazards.