Commissionaire Spotlight: Jean-Daniel Roy, Ottawa Division, Gatineau, Québec

Jean-Daniel joined the Ottawa Division as a second-generation commissionaire in 2009, after completing CEGEP (post-secondary school). Initially assigned to provide access control, Jean-Daniel, J-D to his colleagues and friends, quickly proved himself to be highly adaptable, reliable and efficient.

"J-D is a valuable asset to our section," said Section Supervisor MWO Maurice Caron. "He has a lot of training for one person and can replace any commissionaire at any post, whether it's the ID card technician, security console operator, receptionist, administrator, fire watch, and others. He is there to replace me whenever I need him to and he's also my right hand during special events and especially during emergencies."

Although J-D's latest security post is in an office located within view of a loading dock, he also serves as a rover during each shift. This allows him to spend time with every commissionaire and cover for them during breaks.

"We have a very good team. There's a great chemistry here and we get along very well," J-D said.

In his personal life and for the past six years, J-D has been volunteering as one of the football trainers of the cadet league "Tigres" (Tigers) at the Hormisdas-Gamelin school in Buckingham. This commitment involves two weeknight practices and one weekend game throughout the school year. The students he trains range in age from 14 to 17.

"It's one of my joys to provide guidance to these youths," J-D said. "I played football at their age and now it's my turn to be a part of their lives, be a big brother and encourage them to pursue their personal and athletic goals." (Les Tigres won the title of Inter-Regional Champions two years in a row—November 2015 and November 2016.)

Maurice added, "In all that he does, J-D has earned a great reputation for having good judgment as well as excellent leadership, organizational and communication skills. He is known for being reliable, kind and professional. J-D is well-liked by our clients."