Commissionaires’ “Airport Santa” returns to Victoria International Airport

Every December, one of our Commissionaires at the Victoria International Airport provides a truly jolly form of security. You might catch a glimpse of Senior Security Supervisor Al Paterson in the Departures area. He might even be humming a song involving bells or a reindeer. Known as the “Airport Santa,” Paterson goes all out, sporting a full beard and red attire.

The “Airport Santa” spoke with the Seaside Times about where he’ll visit during December and how he collects donations for the Victoria Hospice, a registered charity that provides end-of-life care. For the record, his beard is “100% real.” However, it, along with his hair and eyebrows will be gone in early January for his annual “Santa shave off.”

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Publisher Sue Hodgeson Talks with Senior Security Supervisor of the Victoria Airport Commissionaires, Alan Paterson, aka “Airport Santa”