Commissionaires BC – Celebrating 90 Years

The BC division, formally incorporated in 1927, is celebrating its 90th anniversary, today.

“On the occasion of the 90th Anniversary for Commissionaires BC, I appreciate our valuable workforce that supports our social mandate of creating meaningful employment for all those who serve and have served our community and country. I consider it an immense privilege to lead the delivery on this mandate. Thank you for your diligence, hard work, and passion as you provide exceptional service to our clients and the community.” 

Chris Mitchell, CEO BC Division

BC division began when three men—Percy Lawrence, A. Farthing, and C.B Strickland—approached LCol. A. Leslie Coote, CD, a pre-war officer, for guidance and support in forming a unit of Commissionaires. It was incorporated with only a handful of personnel.

Commissionaires BC has made great strides and has charted a rich history. The organization has grown to over 1,200 employees across the province.

The Division’s historical highlights include:

  • Vancouver 2010 Olympics: At the Games, through providing security services, supporting the federal government, and increasing their community involvement BC Division saw major increases in brand exposure, increased revenue, and an increased employee pool.
  • Community Safety Patrol program: BC Division developed this program which in turn expanded their services far beyond traditional security. The program is run through the Newton Business Improvement Association (NBIA), and is designed to help reduce crime in the Newton, BC. More details can be found here. 
  • Community-building: Expansion and diversification over the years has allowed BC to give back to its community in ways beyond just offering meaningful employment. The Division donates to regional charities and contributes to fostering a healthy community by participating in a number of community building activities. For example, the Surrey Xmas Bureau, the half-time show march for the BC Lions game to commemorate Canadian vets, and Coffee with a Cop in partnership with NBIA.
  • Lead by example: A great division is encapsulated by its leadership. This past year BC Division said farewell to CEO Dan Popowich and welcomed Chris Mitchell to the team. Chris has a very strategic leadership style and is actively improving employee engagement and overall efficiency throughout the division. 

Join us in celebrating the many achievements of BC division, and those who made it possible. Happy Birthday Commissionaires BC, and congratulations on 90 years of innovation, diversity and success!