Commissionaires Hire Former United Nations Chief Security Advisor

Steve Gagnon, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires (Southern Alberta Division), is pleased to announce that effective 02 September 2014 Regan Mills is Senior Manager, Corporate Administration for the Division.

Mr. Mills will lead and manage the Division’s day to day activities including designing, implementing and managing the operational systems and processes of the Division. As a passionate, innovative thinker he will provide operational and administrative support that will advance employment opportunities for our Canadian Forces and RCMP veterans and other Canadians subscribing to the Corps of Commissionaires values. 

Mr. Mills comes to the Corps from his position as Chief Security Advisor, United Nations – India and Bhutan. Since 1999 he worked for the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) as a senior UN security executive and facilitator of UN operations. His duties covered a wide range of environments and functional areas: Managerial and Technical expertise in Information Acquisition and Security; Personal Safety and Security; Aviation Security; Physical Security; Counter-Terrorism; Hostage Incident Management and Negotiation; Security Threat/Risk Assessments; Event Management; Loss Prevention; Risk Management; Contingency Planning; Disaster Response Planning; Training; Investigations; Facility Management; Occupational Safety and Health; Extensive multicultural experience; as well as  Managerial Oversight of Client Services, Personnel HR functions and  Staff development. He successfully implemented country–wide processes to improve and positively impact UN and Canadian Government interests in nine countries.

Prior to his employment with the United Nations, Mr. Mills worked as the Regional Security Manager – Islamabad for the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT). In this capacity he oversaw the safety and security programmes for DFAIT staff and facilities in Pakistan, as well as providing security support in the littoral countries of India and Kazakhstan.

Mr. Mills has 26 years of service with the Canadian Armed Forces, primarily as a Military Police (MP) officer in the Canadian Forces Security Branch. In addition to his employment in guard force supervision, he gained a wealth of experience in criminal investigations, crime prevention, criminal intelligence gathering and analysis, counter-intelligence operations, close protection, search and rescue, as well as air marshal services for VIPs travelling on Canadian Government aircraft. 

Mr. Mills holds a Ph.D. (International Relations) and a MBA (Management Information Systems) from Preston University, Islamabad. He has a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) from the University of Manitoba and a Diploma in Police and Security Management Studies from Seneca College. He also holds a number of professional certifications, the principle ones being Chief Security Advisor (UNDSS), Field Security Coordination (UNDSS), Hostage Incident Management (London Metropolitan Police) and Occupational Health & Safety Policy Development (Univ. of Southern Florida). Mr. Mills is also a member of the American Society of Industrial Security, the Information Systems Security Association and the Canadian Military Police Association.


For information, please contact:

Mr. Steve Gagnon, CEO

Commissionaires, Southern Alberta

Phone: 403- 244-4665

E-mail: [email protected]