Commissionaires spotlight: Keith Montgomery, Ottawa Division

Although only in his early 20s, Keith is no stranger to taking a leadership role during emergency situations. Keith’s ability to remain calm and take immediate action may have saved multiple lives.

Keith witnessed a serious multi-car accident while in his security vehicle in which, without hesitation, he called dispatch to inform them of the accident and ran to the scene. Once there, he attended to the most seriously injured person—a man who appeared to be unconscious and slumped over his steering wheel. Keith used his vehicle to block oncoming traffic and returned with medical supplies. After several attempts, Keith accessed the driver through the rear door and stabilized the driver’s head and neck. When smoke started filling the car, Keith recruited some bystanders to help remove the driver from his vehicle, move him to safety and wait for the paramedics to arrive.

In another instance, Keith was relieving staff at the Information Desk in a client’s building when a Code Blue emergency call came through. After following protocol, Keith made the decision to rush to the location of the Code Blue in case he could be of help. Upon arrival, he noticed that the person was turning blue in colour and had stopped breathing. He immediately alerted staff as to the urgency of the situation and called the paramedics. They arrived quickly and were able to resuscitate the person. The timing of his intervention may have very well saved a life.

Keith’s outstanding performance and bravery are to be commended.