Commissionaires Stands by Canada’s Veterans

Organization continues to tangibly support veterans since 1925

On this solemn occasion of Remembrance Week 2011, Commissionaires wishes to salute Canada’s veterans for their continued courageous, dedicated and selfless service to the nation. These outstanding men and women make our world a better and safer place, often at considerable sacrifice to themselves and their families.

Commissionaires remains steadfast in its support of Canada’s veterans during Remembrance Week as well as throughout the year. Established in 1925 to provide meaningful employment opportunities for former members of Canada’s military, and later the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Commissionaires has been, and remains, pivotal in serving those who have served Canada following their Canadian Forces and RCMP careers. We are there for those veterans who need or want our support.

“The pertinence of Commissionaires in serving veterans is more important now in the post-Afghanistan period than in several generations,” according to Bill Sutherland, Chair of the National Board of Commissionaires. “Today’s veterans, most of whom leave the service without a military pension, face a daunting challenge in finding rewarding employment following their service careers. We offer them viable, gainful employment either as a transition to their future civilian life or as a long-term career. As veterans ourselves, we understand veterans and provide them with a supportive, nurturing environment.”

About Commissionaires
Commissionaires is one of Canada's leading security providers and the largest private sector employer of veterans. Founded on the core military values of dedication, responsibility and sense of mission, it employs 20,000 people from coast to coast to coast. It offers a wide range of security services including professional guarding, monitoring and surveillance, threat risk assessment, bylaw enforcement, identification and fingerprinting services, and security training. The completely self-funding not-for-profit enterprise generated $500M in annual revenue in 2010, of which approximately 95% was returned to its employees. Its clients include an array of public and private sector organizations.


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