Commissionaires were first to respond to truck crash at the Halifax Harbour Bridges Toll Plaza

Remember that truck that smashed into the bridge toll plaza? Our commissionaires were first responders on the scene and were recently awarded a commendation for their excellent safety and emergency response.

During rush hour on February 21, a speeding tractor-trailer entered a MacKay Bridge toll booth lane designed for smaller vehicles. It crashed into the overhead canopy causing serious damage.  The canopy collapsed and major structural damage ensued, creating imminent danger to everyone in the area.

Commissionaires immediately attended to the truck driver, secured the scene, and set up by-lanes in order to make the area safe. The professionalism and experience commissionaires employed minimized any additional dangers and resulted in a timely return to bridge operational capacity. Fortunately no one was injured.

“It was a challenging day,” said Steve Snider, CEO, Halifax Harbour Bridges, “But I sleep well at night knowing we have a dedicated group of commissionaires managing the travelling public’s safety.”

“Safety is no longer just a priority for our company; it is an engrained value in everything we do,” said Bruce Belliveau, CEO, Commissionaires Nova Scotia. “I’m very proud of the way our commissionaires demonstrated this on that day.”

Commissionaires have provided services at the Macdonald Bridge since its opening in 1955. Responsibilities include bridge patrol, emergency response, toll booth operations, and more recently shuttle bus and tow truck services for the Big Lift project. Today, over 60 commissionaires perform safety and security duties for both the Macdonald and MacKay Bridges.

The following commissionaires received Site Commendations:

Steve Ashton

Fred Allen

Mickey Tanner

Bill Van Den Berge

Chuck Naugle

Leo Boutilier

Mackenzie Geraghty

Joey MacDonald

Paul Sims

Jimmy Johns

Photo credit: Reynold Gregor