Crime Prevention and Identity Protection Are Just a Fingerprint Away

Ottawa Business Journal

How well do you know the job applicant you’re about to hire? Who has access to your confidential information? Is your child’s daycare provider or coach exactly who they say they are? These are valid questions in a world where identities can be hidden, changed or stolen.

Criminal background checks are a key part of the hiring process and mandatory for many industries. Two methods exist: the traditional option is through name and date of birth verification (Ciminal Record Check) and the emerging standard is a certified criminal record check with fingerprints. Given that some individuals could have variations in their names or more than one ID, fingerprinting is considered the most accurate method for determining a person’s true identity.

Above and beyond pre-employment checks, fingerprints may also be required for other application and screening processes including:

Volunteering and co-op positions
International adoption
Name changes
Security clearances
Immigration and citizenship applications
Foreign travel or visas
Record suspension (pardon) applications
US Entry Waivers

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