Defend Against Business Theft

Pre-employment background screening will help keep your business secure. By screening, we don’t mean Facebook stalking. Commissionaires provides professional, in-depth background screening to ensure you’re hiring exactly who your candidate says he is.

Commissionaires offers:

Criminal Record Checks: Commissionaires will use your applicant’s name, date of birth or digital fingerprints to confirm a clean record.
Response Time: Within 72 hours, if no convictions are found.

Vulnerable Sector Fingerprinting: Running a non-profit and need volunteers? If your local police station can’t help, our RCMP-accredited Commissionaires can take and process your candidate’s fingerprints.
Response Time: Within 72 hours, if no convictions are found.

Background Verification: Interested in more than a criminal record check? Commissionaires also offers credit checks, employment verification and reference checks.
Response Time: Depends on the screening service.

More businesses are turning to Commissionaires for background screening to enforce risk management policies and to meet government program requirements.

Commissionaires can help mitigate risks during your hiring process.  Contact Commissionaires!