Enderby Bylaw Service Praised

Richard Rolke, Vernon Morning Star

Consistent enforcement of Enderby’s rules are meeting with success.

It’s been almost a year since the city contracted the Commissionaires — a private security firm — to take on bylaw enforcement in the community.

“He is equipped for the job and has a good knowledge of our bylaws,” said Mayor Howie Cyr of bylaw officer Don Smythe.

“Being visible in the community is a good deterrent and is money well spent.”

Cyr says he has heard no public concerns about  using a private firm for bylaw enforcement instead of the city having someone on staff.

“Why pay for a staff person to drive around dealing with bylaws when they can be doing other things?” he said.

“He (Smythe) is doing a really great job. His duties range from burning to snow clearing.”

From December to February, Smythe dealt with a number of complaints, including two unlicensed vehicles parked on roads, two unsightly premises, one motorhome parking violation, three cases of shovelling snow on to streets and 10 reminders to vehicles blocking snow removal.

Reminders were also issued to residents who had created safety concerns by parking their vehicles in a congested, narrow lane.

“Verbal notifications or a notice attached to the windshield of the offending vehicle are used to encourage safety,” said Smythe in a report to council.