Episode 11: Remembrance Day in Northern Alberta

The days get shorter. The leaves begin to fall. You begin to spot red poppies on the lapels of Canadians. You know Remembrance Day is on the horizon.

Every year, ceremonies of remembrance are held across the country, each packed with emotion and patriotism. The Northern Alberta Division of Commissionaires is one of the many organizations across the country that volunteers time and energy to plan and oversee a large parade and commemoration.

John Slater is the CEO of our Northern Alberta Division. He took some time to shed light on the planning process. We caught up with him ahead of the 2017 Remembrance Day ceremony. From what we’ve seen and heard, it was a success.

Photo: Commissionaire Sergeant Don Donaldson carries the Commissionaires flag at the City of Edmonton Remembrance Day Service held at the University of Alberta Van Vliet Center, "The Butterdome."