Former commissionaire named one of BC Business’ 30 under 30

Alistair Vigier, a veteran of the Canadian Army and Commissionaire from 2011-2014 has recently been named one of the BC Business 30 under 30.

Alistair joined Commissionaires Victoria in 2011 where he played a key role on the marketing and business development team until 2014. He had an excellent experience with the team and used the knowledge and insight that he gained to foster his entrepreneurial spirit.

“The Commissionaires were a great stepping stone for me,” said Alistair. “Most of the staff at the office were veterans, so I fit right in.”

Since leaving Commissionaires, Alistair has worked with Victoria lawyer Darren Hart to develop a joint venture model to expand HART Legal, a law firm that had three locations at the time. Alistair helped grow the number of the law firm’s locations from three to sixteen.

Alistair’s background distinguishes him from the rest of the candidates in BC Business 30 under 30. He signed up for military service as a teenager.

After going back to school, Alistair began his time with the Commissionaires which acted as a launchpad to his now successful business career.

“I was lucky enough to get a job [in marketing] with the Commissionaires,” said Alistair. “It was the start of my business career. It introduced me to new things, such as marketing and sales, which I had never done before.”

We congratulate Alistair on his recent achievement and thank him for the time he spent with the Commissionaires, applying his own passion while developing his skills through his hard work.