From ER Technician to Security Guard: A Veteran’s Journey of Service and Connection

Commissionaire Ian Hutt’s story is about giving back, dedication, and compassion.

Ian has always been passionate about helping others. He is a dedicated ER technician with over 20 years of experience working at London’s Health Science Centre. As Covid ran its course, Ian found an opening in his schedule and decided to take on a new challenge as a security guard. He knew immediately where he would get his guard training: Commissionaires.

Ian was excited to make extra money while aligning himself with an organization that shares his values and ideals. He’s known about Commissionaires since childhood having been a cadet and serving in the army—they were always around the base—and he had a lot of respect for the organization.

As a veteran, Ian understands the significance of being vigilant and prepared. His background and experience have served as an asset in his role as a guard on our spares list. He works one or two shifts a month at different sites across the city including the historic St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital site and Public Health Ontario.

One particular shift stands out in Ian’s memory. A fellow military veteran recognized Ian as a Commissionaire. This chance meeting allowed them to share their experiences, forming a bond and reinforcing Ian’s belief in the importance of his role as a security guard and commissionaire—he can offer support to those who could relate to his own experiences.

Ian’s commitment to his community goes beyond his work as both an ER technician and security guard. He is a 20+ year volunteer with Toys For Tots (Canada). This Canadian charity partners with veterans, serving military members, businesses, and concerned citizens to provide toys for children in need. Ian’s selfless nature makes him an exceptional and inspiring person.

Through his volunteer efforts and connection to his community, Ian’s impact extends well beyond his occupations resulting in a lasting impression on all around him.