Hidden Risks in a New World: Assess Your Business’ Security for Today’s Threats

By Stephen Grant, Risk & Resilience Advisor, Commissionaires

“Masks camouflage the faces of good and evil. Keeps hidden what is a truth and what is a lie.” – Patti Roberts

We now live in a world where people are hidden behind masks, with overworked business owners and employees scrambling to do more. Little of that work entails preventing criminal activity. Indeed, there has never been a better time to be a shoplifter, an armed robber or even someone bent on stealing from their own employer.

Reducing these risks requires adopting a new security-oriented focus. That means reviewing the existing security measures your business has in place. Now is the time for re-education and the deployment of new security strategies.

While we still find ourselves deeply impacted by the “second wave” of Covid-19, the end to the pandemic is likely still a long way off. There will undoubtedly be consequences for families, businesses and society as a whole for many years to come.

Recovery will necessitate the survival of major industries. It is equally important that smaller entrepreneurs can grow in the process. They not only represent major contributors to the economy and employment; they also reinforce the social fabric of our communities.

The necessary health and safety rules during this crisis have presented small businesses with a higher risk and vulnerability level. Staff reductions and compliance with health guidelines have stretched resources. Security has suffered.

When profit margins have never been so narrow for small businesses, no one can afford losses due to crime. Let’s work together to reduce risk and contribute to your business’ resilience.

Commissionaires offers a security assessment, which is a non-intrusive means of enhancing business security. A routine assessment takes less than an hour for most businesses. We provide a tailor-made report with an analysis of your workplace’s physical risks and threats with suggestions on how to reduce your vulnerability. A free consultation is available with a security expert to craft a strategy that works best for you.

Stephen Grant is the Risk & Resilience Advisor for Commissionaires. A specialist in Threat Risk Assessment and Crime Prevention, he is available to assist businesses during openings to provide advice on strategies to protect employees from robberies, shoplifting, break-ins, and other criminal activities.

Contact: [email protected] or 902 483 5633