Holiday Greetings to our Commissionaires

A Message from the Board Chair

2020 has been a challenging year for us all, and particularly for the fine commissionaires that report for duty across the province and at Head Office, in a myriad of roles that often assure the safety and security of others. You have responded with dedication, often quickly, always professionally, and have met the needs of our many clients exceptionally. Your Board of Governors thanks you for your commitment, flexibility, and good grace in times of much turmoil and challenge, and that thanks extends to those close to you who support you individually and make your time with Commissionaires Nova Scotia possible.

We all look forward to 2021 and what will hopefully be a year of good health and fortune for us all. The eradication of COVID-19, and most recently there appears to be much positive news in that regard, is likely on all our wish lists. The return to sharing time with family and friends, unfettered by restrictions and in good health, will bring us all a great sense of well-being and is my wish to all of you.
Best of the Season to you and your loved ones and let’s look forward to a 2021 full of opportunity, gatherings, and good fortune for one and all.

D/Commr (Ret’d) Steve Graham
Chair, Board of Governors
Commissionaires Nova Scotia

A Message from the CEO

In the weeks and months to come, Nova Scotians will continue to rely heavily on frontline workers like commissionaires to keep our province running. While we’re privileged to be able to continue to work while so many others have been laid off, this privilege comes with a burden of responsibility that I know you are mindful of. The good news is that we’ve had months to prepare for this second wave and that the outbreak so far remains at levels far below many other parts of Canada and the world. We know what we need to do, and with recent announcements about progress with vaccines we know that there’s an end in sight.
Of course, it’s still the holiday season. While you’re helping to keep your communities safe please also give a thought to those of your colleagues who, without the benefit of close loved ones to share the season with, may struggle at this time of year.

Finally, on behalf of the Board of Governors and everyone in the support staff, please accept our best wishes for a happy and healthy Holiday, with the hope for a promising and improving 2021!

Geoff Hamilton
Chief Executive Officer
Commissionaires Nova Scotia