Imagine being beaten by someone for doing your job

Security work is not as simple as many people would have you believe. Our uniformed commissionaires must be alert, constantly assess situations for potential issues, position themselves accordingly, and respond as necessary.

While most people respect and appreciate the services we deliver (guarding, bylaw enforcement, etc.), some view people in uniform as a nuisance to be overcome—sometimes with physical violence.

Such was the case for one of our commissionaires doing access control during a marathon in Medicine Hat this past Saturday. He was tasked with ensuring only marathon participants on foot were admitted beyond a certain point. When he refused to allow a commuter bus into the restricted area, the bus driver exited the bus and punched the commissionaire in the head three times. Police were called to the scene and the driver was arrested.

Thankfully, the commissionaire is alright. Despite being encouraged to take some time to recover from the attack, he remains committed to his work.

Criticism is part of our world—part of any security guard’s world. Physical violence, on the other hand, is an unacceptable way to express frustration at anyone who is doing his or her job.

Please remember this next time you see a uniformed guard. And if you’re so inclined, consider thanking them for keeping everyone safe.