Lasting impressions

Brian Samson hails from a small town in Newfoundland. He’s always been adventurous at heart and, in 1995, he decided to embark on a new chapter in his life. He packed up his family and moved to Ontario. Little did he know this decision would shape his future in ways he never would have imagined.

Brian began working as a guard, initially a spare, for CGL in January 2007. He proved to be a dedicated and hardworking employee which led to him being offered a full-time supervisor position at a condominium. Brian quickly adjusted to his new role and responsibilities and, as fate would have it, the contract changed and Brian found himself back on the spares list.

This second stint on the spare list was short-lived. He was soon granted an interview with the former warrant officer for fingerprinting, Darwin Willoughby. This interview was a turning point in Brian’s life as he discovered his passion for fingerprinting and identification services.

Brian finds it hard to pinpoint just one reason that he loves his job. He values how the job is constantly evolving with new components added to our services. From traditional ink fingerprinting to modern digital methods (he joined six months before the introduction of digital fingerprinting), Brian has witnessed it all.

What’s intrigued Brian the most is the diverse range of customers he encounters—musicians, actors, and even a famous director have come in for our services. He fondly mentioned his encounter with the renowned director George Romero, famous for “The Night of the Living Dead.” The interactions with these unique individuals keep Brian’s job interesting and exciting. 

Outside of work, Brian nurtures another passion in his life—music and art. From a young age, Brian has been involved in music. He initially sang before taking up various instruments starting with trombone and other instruments over the years. However, it became evident that drums are his true musical calling.

Journey Back to the Soul

Brian is part of a three-piece band called Journey Back to the Soul. He and his two talented friends, J on guitar and Sia on vocals, continue to work on new music and play gigs around the city. You can find a few of their songs on Spotify.

is filled with excitement and creativity. From his everyday work with unique clients to his musical journeys, Brian’s story is a testament to following one’s passions and embracing life’s opportunities.

DID YOU KNOW? Our ID services offices conduct an average of 462 fingerprinting appointments every week. We offer ink and roll, ink-to-digital transfer, and digital and mobile fingerprinting services.