Lesley Leadley, Secured Delivery and a Smile

Throughout Nova Scotia, Commissionaires provides secure and confidential mail delivery to some of the most vital institutions in the province: courts, community services and other sometimes high-stress delivery areas. With those deliveries comes a smile and friendly conversation as Commissionaire Lesley Leadley endears herself to those around her with every step she makes.

“I’m just myself. I don’t put on any show, I’m very friendly, and I don’t reel that in when it comes to working,” said Lesley.

Lesley found herself in a difficult situation when the Covid-19 pandemic caused Canada and much of the world to grind to a halt. Lesley was working as a building manager but decided to make a change.

“I was just leaving my building manager position, which was leaving my home, my job, everything, and starting new. Then, all of a sudden, Covid was there,” said Lesley. “It was a huge comfort for me to be able to step into a position with Commissionaires during Covid.”

Being a single mother, Lesley did have concerns about working hours when joining the company. Commissionaires’ more standard 12-hour shift work would have made it difficult for her to be there for her son. However, with the delivery position, Commissionaires was able to find a place for Lesley that works with her schedule.

The role is excellent for Lesley as she cannot help but be personable. She soon found herself “determined to make people smile” during her deliveries.

Lesley Leadley

“We’ve lost a lot of the eye-to-eye contact as we transition into a more digital world. So, I find going out of my way to interact with the people I meet makes what I do more than just a job,” said Lesley.

Lesley’s outgoing friendliness has been a reliable piece of her character throughout her life. Lesley started her professional life as a carpenter after being one of the first graduates of Women Unlimited’s pilot program. Women Unlimited is a not-for-profit women’s organization that promotes women in male-dominated trades and technology. The organization works with Nova Scotia Community College, and it was there that Lesley found her love for woodworking.

Lesley LeadleyLdeskDuffyLesley Leadley

Now, when she’s not making deliveries for Commissionaires, Lesley also works with a small Nova Scotian business that creates custom and ready-to-order signs. Lesley’s love for woodworking and her outgoing personality shine when she is helping to create something special for a client.

Lesley has consistently found work more gratifying when it is interpersonal, and she can help people. That is why she loves to smile during her deliveries.