Letter to my pre-Commissionaire’s self

Dear Alisia,

I’ve been reflecting on our last conversation. It seems like just yesterday, you told me about a new job you were starting with a not-for-profit security company and how nervous you were to return to the corporate world. Can you believe it’s been a year?

Let me assure you that you didn’t need to be nervous. You’ve made friends, met colleagues from other divisions, listened to their incredible stories, and learned the history of Commissionaires. You’ve been tasked with helping execute a strategic plan to communicate with the nearly 1,400-strong workforce through an informative monthly newsletter (it’s been a tremendous success). You’ve evolved CGL’s online presence and increased the visibility of the Commissionaires brand. Each encounter and experience has made you a more confident writer, designer, photographer, and communicator.

I know you never considered working for a company that has a social mandate to hire veterans and help with their career transitions. What an important and fulfilling assignment this is. You adored and admired your grandfather, a Navy veteran whom I know you wish was still around to talk with about his experiences and time in the Navy during the Second World War.

You’ve attended extraordinary industry events hosted by leaders from around the security world and stood alongside some of Canada’s decision-makers. Seeing industry representation from your female counterparts has been reassuring and encouraging. You have slowly found a place for yourself and realized the impact of your role within the organization.

Your leadership team has supported opportunities to create change while listening to your ideas and providing feedback. You’ve produced a variety of content, from social to print, while playing a key role in building on an already inclusive culture at headquarters for all. Heck, you even proposed the first Pride month brand initiative that was approved and rolled out by all Commissionaires Divisions across the country.

As you continue this journey of learning and growth, remember to reflect on your achievements and adapt your goals. Continue making a name for yourself, pushing through barriers and using your voice as a platform. It’s the reason they hired you. Keep shining your light and be true to yourself. The rest will follow.

Oh, and happy anniversary!

Yours truly,
Alisia “Commissionaire 124034” DeMelo

A glance at some of Alisia’s photography