Marla Morrell has held many titles, but never one that fit her as well as ‘commissionaire’

The reservist and former retail worker says she’s found her calling as a commissionaire, and believes others would enjoy the career just as much.

Marla Morrell knows customer service like the back of her hand. She’s worked at department stores, was a cook for nine years, and even spent time as a Continuing Care Assistant.

She decided to join Commissionaires Nova Scotia in December on the advice of one of her colleagues in the Canadian military reserves. She currently splits her time screening visitors to Colchester Regional Hospital and providing security services at the Nova Institution for Women.

“I like it. It’s definitely the best move I’ve made in a while,” says Marla.

“There’s no drama and there’s no competitive drive to advance. You do things at your own pace. In other jobs, people sometimes feel they need to do stuff to get places, like step on others.”

“There doesn’t seem to be any of that at here.”

She says that working as a commissionaire gives her the flexibility to pursue other interests, like the reserves. Marla is a captain and commanding officer with the Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service (COATS), which helps prepare young military trainees.

Her favourite part of working for Commissionaires is the bonds she forms on the job. At the hospital, Marla connects with people entering the building. She makes an effort to get to know who they’re visiting or why they’re there.

While on watch at the correctional facility, Marla enjoys supporting and interacting with her fellow commissionaires and other contractors.

“Sometimes I wish the shifts were longer,” says Marla. “It’s liking the people I work with.”

After more than 20 years in retail and customer service roles, Marla says she’s finally found her calling at Commissionaires. She looks forward to many years of going to work without stress, enjoying the company of her colleagues and making time to fulfill her duties as a reservist.

Marla says she appreciates Commissionaires’ dedication to supporting past and present military members. She says it’s nice to work for a company whose people understand and support her commitment to service.

“I’m planning to stay at Commissionaires until I retire,” said Marla.

“I’m 40, so let’s see.”