Moose Javian Commissionaires honoured by Lieutenant Governor

By Justin Cann

Mike Grover is proud the province has found a new way to honour its veterans.

Grover, the Head Commissionaire for Moose Jaw, is a veteran himself. He served in the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps from 1979 into the 1990s, including service in West Germany and Somalia.

On Saturday, he and 58 other members of the Commissionaires South Saskatchewan received the Lieutenant Governor's Military Service Pin.

He said receiving the pin was an honour, in particular because he was awarded it by someone he knew.

"I was a Sergeant-Major with the Saskatchewan Dragoons and I knew the Lieutenant Governor (Vaughn Solomon Schofield) when she was the honorary colonel of the unit," explained Grover. "We've known each other personally for a while. Not really well, but she knew me to see me.

"I felt very honoured that the Saskatchewan government is finally starting to recognize their veterans in another way besides just the veteran's plates," he added. 

Grover said he was particularly proud of receiving the pin because it would create more opportunities to discuss his military career and the role he played.

The pin is specifically for wearing on civilian, and not professional, dress.

"With this pin, you can wear it with any type of civilian clothing. If someone sees it and asks about it, I can tell them I'm a veteran," he said.

Grover wasn't the only Moose Javian to be honoured with a pin. Several Moose Jaw-based Commissionaires were decorated, including Kory Denham, Colins Geber, Laurie Mang, Jim Melville and Ira Moody.

"I think they're all proud," Grover said. "I saw Jim and Ira at the ceremony and they were both pleased."