Now Offering – Corporate Ethics Training


Commissionaires invites you to review an unprecedented Ethics Coordinator Qualification Program; customized to meet the Public and Corporate needs of Canadian organizations that are introducing ethics programs, which align with The Treasury Board of Canada- Code of Values and Ethics, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and Corporate Canada’s -Good Ethics is Good Business- requirements, so as to protect the security of your corporate culture and to safeguard your operating margins. This Public-Corporate Ethics Coordinator Qualification will empower managerial leadership with the ethics program intelligence, the dialogue skills, and case-study facilitation tools that they require to make a value-added workplace contribution to both a healthy ethical climate that is free from reprisal and to the first-response mitigation of potential ethical risk: corruption, attrition, retention, fraud, theft, and harassment; or the definitive loss of Public or Corporate trust.

The Public-Corporate Ethics Coordinator

This Public-Corporate Ethics Coordinator Qualification course provides the specialist competencies and skillsets necessary to significantly enhance levels of candidate confidence and competence, and to position them for operational success within an ever-expanding global governance and business environment. This exceptional program will combine leading-edge theory with innovative and practical group case study and facilitation experience, and generate the following organizational Value and Outcomes:

  • Provides your key managerial stakeholders with the requisite insight and confidence to respond to immediate ethical issues within the workplace  and to critically assess, reinforce and enhance your Public-Corporate ethics and compliance profile;
  • Identify and pre-empt systemic ethical risk factors that are inextricably linked to your Public or Corporate reputational cachet and that may impact on your operating margins;
  • Serves to demonstrate, publically, your organizational leadership buy-in commitment to train, inspire, and empower subordinates to become the reputational face of your Public or Corporate services;
  • Personifies and role-models your commitment to be an “ethical organization,” which serves to either enhance your status as a Public Departmental exemplar or reaps the tangible Corporate rewards of simply outclassing the competition; and
  • Serves to anchor your structured Public or Corporate ethics community by investing in your people- your generational leadership- your most valuable corporate resource.

To inquire about upcoming courses, please contact Penny Payne 1-877-346-0363 or [email protected]