Ottawa Division acquisition serves two important goals: diversify services, and address evolving needs of modern veterans

Ottawa Division has announced a breakthrough acquisition of ComNet Communication Networks, allowing the Division to enter into the systems side of security solutions.

It’s an exciting time for the Division. CEO Paul Guindon says the acquisition was made to meet an increase in demand. They have transformed over the past 10-15 years, and “venturing into security systems, cabling and network solutions is the next best way to provide all-in-one convenience to our clients.”

The acquisition is well-aligned with our commitment to addressing the evolving needs of the modern Canadian veteran. “At the heart of every business decision is our commitment to creating meaningful employment opportunities for Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP veterans,” and, with the addition of ComNet systems, “we can now offer our veteran employees—and offer all our commissionaires—more jobs and different kinds of jobs than ever before.”

ComNet, with offices in Ottawa, Kingston and Montreal, will retain its name and operate as a subsidiary of Commissionaires Ottawa.

Full media release available here.