Peaceful Life

Edward Thanjaratnam is a retired brigadier-general from Sri Lanka who came to Canada during a turbulent period in his home country. With 30 years of military service, he sought a better and more peaceful life for his family. 

During his tenure in the military, Edward climbed the ranks and spent several years as an instructor at the military college. Edward recalls a critical time in Haiti, “I served as the deputy chief military personnel officer to a Canadian chief of staff as part of the United Nations peacekeeping force. I was very proud of my work there.”

Back in Sri Lanka, he was heavily involved in sports. As a sports director, he represented the military in the International Military Sports Council. However, as time went on, his ability to actively participate in sports decreased. “I couldn’t play as much anymore,” Edward recalls. Still, he was determined to stay involved in the game he loved, coaching cricket in Canada, and eventually becoming a level-three cricket umpire.

Edward joined CGL in 2012 after a job fair in Scarborough. “I wanted work in security. I hadn’t heard of Commissionaires before, but they employed veterans and I knew I wanted to be a part of that,” he told us.

Edward has been recognized for his exceptional service in handling a difficult situation at the Citizenship and Immigration Office. In 2018, he faced a harrowing incident when a person with a weapon entered the premises. Edward and his team remained calm and composed as they coordinated efforts to contain the situation and ensure the safety of those present until police arrived.

It’s the responsibility entrusted to him that Edward loves most about his work as a commissionaire. He understands the importance of upholding the image of the Corps and strives to achieve his very best within the framework of a team. He believes in teamwork, noting, “When we work together, we are better positioned to achieve great things and continue to bring honour to Commissionaires.” 

Outside of work, he prioritizes spending quality time with his family. Edward is proud of his two eldest sons, who have followed in his footsteps by joining the military as a combat engineer and the other a teacher. He enjoys teaching his youngest son sports. Edward’s passion for music led him and his wife to participate in a choir, with which they sing carols during the Christmas season. With 27 years of marriage and a shared love of singing, he and his wife continue to support and inspire each other.

Edward’s military career, commissionaire achievements, and love for sports and music embody service, teamwork, and harmony.