Professionalism award for two Commissionaires

Two Commissionaires from Commissionaires Kingston Division received Professionalism Awards from the 8 Wing/Canadian Forces Base Trenton, for their quick actions to avoid an incident at Trenton Royal Canadian Air Force Base.

Commissionaires Alan McDonald and Art Burke received Royal Canadian Air Force Flight Safety Professionalism Awards for their actions in spotting a panel that was hanging loose on a CC-150 Polaris Airbus A-310, a multi-purpose, twin engine, long-range jet aircraft as it was taxiing.

In September, Commissionaire McDonald spotted the panel and then contacted Commissionaire Burke, who was in a nearby position, to confirm the panel was hanging loose from the landing gear well. Commissionaire McDonald called the Ground Controller and the plane returned to the apron where the problem was resolved. The plane continued its flight without incident.

“We are extremely proud of the responsiveness of our two airfield security Commissionaires at the CFB Trenton Air Force Base,” said Mike Voith, CEO Commissionaires Kingston Division. “Their attentiveness averted a potentially serious incident that may have harmed personnel and/or damaged the aircraft. Receiving the Flight Safety Professionalism Award is a special recognition of their diligence and watchfulness. We’re very honoured to have their work recognized.”

The Royal Canadian Air Force Professionalism Award recognizes acts that reflect a superior professional attitude that either reduced the severity of or averted an aircraft accident or serious incident.

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