Protecting yourself, loved ones and your stuff this holiday season

The Home Alone movie series, we’ve all seen it, many of us love it. Although outrageous and comedic, it shines a light on a very serious concern many of us have over the holidays – home security.

While some of us have the, umm… luxury, of our entire family living in close proximity, for others, the holidays require travel to a small northern village that a GPS system barely registers. Some of us escape the cold and enjoy some fun in the sun. Whether you’re out for the evening or gone for a week, home security is a very real concern.

Fear not! There are some easy things you can do to better prepare your home to ensure your family and your belongings are safe.

Decorating 101

If we learned anything from the Home Alone franchise, timing your Christmas lights is not always as helpful as it may appear. If you can, stagger your timer so that it gives the illusion people are home, and will deter people from targeting your home. Also, don’t run the wires through an opening in the window; those can be levered all-too-easily and allow unwanted guests to enter.

Place your decorations and presents away from windows

Depending on the layout of your home, try to find a place for your gifts in a space that is not visible from any windows. If you can’t, close your curtains. Removing a tempting visual will reduce the likelihood of a burglary.

Lock up valuable items

Although it seems obvious, many of us take our belongings for granted and may not realize how appealing they may be to unwanted visitors. If you’re leaving for an extended period of time, take a good look around your home to identify anything that may be seen as desirable, and lock those items up in a safe space.

A friend in need is a friend, indeed.

Before you leave for your trip, reach out to a neighbour and ask them to keep an eye on your home. After all, they will benefit from a safe neighbourhood as much as you will. If you’re comfortable, consider offering them a key to stop by every now and then to ensure everything is in its place. Of course, pair this request with an offer to return the favour when they need!

Hire commissionaires!

Did you know that some of our divisions offer HomeWatch services? Learn more about this service on our website, and find out if we service your community. You can leave your place with the confidence that your home will be regularly patrolled by qualified, professional security personnel.

On behalf of commissionaires across the country, we wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy and safe holiday season!