Public Safety “Just part of the Job” for Halifax Harbour Bridge Commissionaires

Commissionaires take care of more than just its daily ~105,000 ‘crossers’. Commissionaires were recently notified of a vulnerable adult at risk in the nearby area. In hearing the individual’s description, Bonita – one of the commissionaires on duty – remembered seeing someone on her patrol with that description. The team immediately formulated a plan to locate the individual. As a group, they scanned surveillance and searched by foot and vehicle to find and escort the individual to safety, preventing what could have been a much different outcome.

Frederick Babineau, Ashley MacDonald, Bonita Pleasant-Jarvis and Melton (John) Starks were all awarded CEO Commendations for their actions that demonstrated care, compassion and the utmost professionalism. Their service brings great credit to CNS, and for this we thank you!

Commissionaires have provided services for the bridge since the opening of the MacDonald Bridge in 1955, including bridge patrol, emergency response, toll booth operations, and more recently operating shuttle bus and tow truck services for the Big Lift project. Today over 60 commissionaires take care of safety and security for both bridges!