Quebec communities lean on Commissionaires expertise

Our social mandate to hire veterans of the CAF, RCMP and police forces across the country means most of our federation’s leaders are veterans. As a result, we are often contacted by the media to provide insight on security-related issues in our communities.

Claude Vigneault, the newly appointed Vice-President Consulting Services with our Quebec Division, was interviewed by Radio-Canada for his expertise in private investigation this week.

Claude spoke to the private investigation process including professional rights, and working alongside police services. He noted that, even though “private investigators and police officers often come to the same conclusions about a crime scene,” the benefit of bringing in a private investigator is comparable to bringing in mortician to perform an autopsy—it’s best to let the experts focus on what they do best, freeing up the hands of police officers to perform core police work.

Last year, Quebec Division CEO Marc Parent appeared on Radio-Canada numerous times. As a retired Chief of Police with SVPM and industry expert, Marc is able to speak about how police services handle hate crimes, radical protest groups such as La Meute, and the importance of simulation exercises to prepare for real situations.

Watch the full Radio-Canada interview, here.