Secure, online criminal record check service launched

Commissionaires Ottawa is pleased to announce the launch of our electronic criminal record check service, the most convenient, most discrete and fastest way to apply for a criminal record check—from home, the office, or anywhere with an Internet connection. Criminal background checks are a key part of the hiring process and mandatory for many industries.

The service was designed by Commissionaires to verify an individual’s identity and allow them to complete a criminal record check application online instead of having to travel to a Commissionaires office and complete the application in person. Results are e-mailed directly within 24-48 hours.

To facilitate group processing, businesses can contact Commissionaires to set up an account, which enables them to invite job applicants, employees, contractors or other individuals being screened for criminal backgrounds to complete their criminal record check online. Results will be e-mailed directly to businesses within 24-48 hours.

Because fingerprints are considered the most accurate method for determining a person’s true identity, certified criminal record checks (with digital fingerprints) are on the rise and will eventually become the only acceptable method. Until then, requests for name and date of birth verification are still very common.

Criminal background checks are just one way Commissionaires helps keep businesses and organizations safe and secure.  Commissionaires also provides pre-employment screening services (i.e. criminal background checks—online or in person, certified criminal record checks with digital fingerprints, reference and employment history checks, and credit record checks), security risk assessments, workplace investigations, mobile alarm response, special event security, and more.

Note: The Canadian Police Information Centre  is a national police database containing details about criminal records, stolen property and other important information. Criminal record checks are also known as criminal background checks, police certificates, police checks, or police clearances. Since 2006, Commissionaires has been authorized to perform criminal record checks through a Canadian police partner. Commissionaires Ottawa serves as the Lead Division for digital fingerprinting, electronic and in-person criminal record checks, criminal record checks with fingerprints, pre-employment screening, record suspensions (pardons), and other identification services.

Apply for an electronic criminal record check now.

Contact Commissionaires if you are a business and want to set up an account for group processing.

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Media Relations
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