Security Options for Non-passenger Service Airports

Airport Management Council of Ontario – November 2013

Regional, non-passenger airports provide valuable services to communities across Ontario. Also of value to these airports are the assets on the ground, namely transient and stationed aircraft, ground operations vehicles and equipment, communications gear, and construction materials.

Since maintaining low landing fees and operational costs are a priority for airports, physical security can often be considered a luxury. There are options however outside just 24/7 physical security. These can include video monitoring, fencing and gates, alarms and access control. One option, available from the Commissionaires, is an afterhours, mobile patrol. Patrollers in marked cars will patrol the perimeter and tarmac at set frequencies, but varied times, to ensure no damage or theft has occurred. Patrollers can check the integrity of locked doors and provide an alarm response. Patrols would be built into regular patrol schedules performed by the Commissionaires in the community so costs would be minimized.

The benefits to the airport include potentially lowered insurance rates, protection of assets and infrastructure and provide a great selling feature for clients. The Corps of Commissionaires currently provides air side and facility security across 8 Ontario airports and 32 airports nationwide.

Located in municipal centres across Ontario, service can be provided to all airports regardless of size.

Commissionaires are a private, not for profit organization mandated to provide employment opportunities for military and police veterans. With over 20,000 employees working in 16 divisions across Canada, we are the country’s largest private security firm. Please contact us for more information.

Original Article By: Sean Cale, Commissionaires