Standing Guard: The Legacy of Commissionaire Peter DeLong

Peter DeLong’s journey into the Commissionaires Corps was a natural progression of deeply rooted patriotic values. Growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, DeLong was surrounded by the “old soaks”—veteran Commissionaires who manned military bases and became an extended family and trusted colleagues. His early interactions with them at the main gates and barracks left a lasting impression and guided his future career path.

DeLong’s military involvement began in 1974 as a cadet. By 1978, he had joined the reserves, and in 1982, he transitioned to the regular army. His commitment to service and security continued to evolve, leading him to the RCMP Regina Depot in 2003. Throughout these years, the Corps remained a constant presence, serving as guardians and role models.

For DeLong, the most cherished aspect of being a Commissionaire is the camaraderie and the opportunity to meet the public while proudly wearing the uniform. His daily responsibilities typically involve routine access control at federal buildings in Saint John, dealing with agencies such as the Canada Revenue Agency, Customs, Veterans Affairs, and Public Works. While some days can be particularly challenging due to the diverse needs of clients, DeLong thrived in his role as a working supervisor. Post-COVID, he adjusted his hours to maintain a better work-life balance.

One of DeLong’s most memorable experiences with the Corps was during the Provincial Premiers Conference in St. Andrews in 2018. He played a crucial role in providing static sentries and augmenting police protective squads to ensure a secure environment at the renowned Algonquin Hotel. This 24/7 deployment was a testament to the dedication and professionalism of the Commissionaires, who acted as ambassadors to numerous dignitaries.

In retirement, DeLong enjoys a few simple pleasures. He has a deep love for music and plays the guitar. Hiking with his partner Sheri is another favourite pastime, allowing him to stay active and connected with nature.

Commissionaire Peter DeLong’s life and career reflect a steadfast dedication to service, security, and the values instilled in him from a young age. His contributions to the Corps and his community are a testament to his enduring commitment to duty and camaraderie.